Monday, April 1, 2013


In an true effort to organize my house, I have decided that the best way is to break my work down into different rooms.  A house with a 2 year old is NEVER going to be completely organized, I have come to accept that. However, the OCD in me has not accepted it.  This week I've really been trying to organize my living room.  With the huge collection of toys that inevitably ends up thrown in the corner of my living room, this has proven to be a bigger challenge than I ever could have imagined.  Pre-kid times, my home was always neat and tidy. Very seldom would there be a pile of mail on the table or clutter in the corner.  However, after my son was born, my living room began to look more like a daycare and less like a home.  And while I admit that I hate the clutter, I wouldn't change my lil human tornado for anything!

One thing in my living room that is a total eyesore, is our DVD collection.  When my husband and I first got married and we combined our DVD collections, we bought a big wooden DVD storage shelf. After a while, we managed to fill the shelving unit and then some.  (When I say "and then some", I mean 600+ DVDs).  And in my opinion, nothing looks tackier than a ton of DVD cases taking up space in my living room.  So I was determined to eliminate some of the clutter by figuring out a way to condense all the movies. 

A long time ago, I saw somewhere online an idea for putting your DVDs in plastic sleeves instead of keeping them in the cases.  So after some searching on Amazon and other online sites, I came across these DVD sleeves that let you put two movies into one sleeve! I found the ones below on for about $13.99 for 25 sleeves (which fits 50 movies!) Awesome!

I bought a few packages of these sleeves and as soon as I started using them, I went online and order enough packages to fit most of our movie collection! Each sleeve holds 2 DVDs and the case art for both movies! I even put the inserts from inside the cases in there too!  In the picture below on the right, there are 56 movies in those sleeves. Now picture 56 DVD cases and how much room that would take up.

Now I can store our whole movie collection in neat little baskets on a shelf instead of all those cases!

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